There is no denying that Jeep vehicles are the mainstay of the off-road world. Their compact design, solid axles, and low gearing enable off-road enthusiasts to tackle trails that leave most other makes running back to the pavement. Jeeps have never been known for being powerhouses, however the new 3.6L Pentastar engine in the 12-13 Wrangler is a welcome change and once again, AIRAID® delivers the goods with our New MXP Series Cold Air Intake systems. Each system has been extensively dyno-tested to provide maximum airflow and a steady supply of cold air for more horsepower, torque, and fuel economy. AIRAID® Intake Systems can also help restore the power lost to heavy vehicle accessories, such as oversize tires, steel bumpers, winches, and rollcages. Breathing is done through a high flow 1100 CFM Premium Air Filter that utilizes a special urethane blend that prevents cracking and shrinkage in the most extreme conditions. The filter is available with either SynthaFlow® composite or our SynthaMax® Non-Oiled filtration technology. This new intake system comes with a complete hardware package, easy to follow instructions and installs in minutes with ordinary hand tools. The kit also comes with AIRAID's Exclusive "No-Hassle" Warranty.