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Who is Edelbrock Supercharger? is a Pur Performance internet sales site that specializes in Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger kits. Edelbrock Supercharger kits are designed, tested and built to be a street-legal, under-the-hood game changer. As a leading automotive brand name, Edelbrock Superchargers utilizes an inverted supercharger assembly, which allows maximum intake runner length for massive low end torque. An integrated bypass valve helps eliminate parasitic loss under light throttle for improved mileage.

The E-Force Supercharger kit fits neatly under your hood, and looks almost like a factory unit, but the performance will leave little doubt that your vehicle is anything but factory! Edelbrock backs your E-Force Supercharger Kit with a 1-year warranty.

We also sell 9 additional performance brands that, along with the Edelbrock Supercharger, are top-of-the-line brands that offer the best performance for both cars and trucks. 

Looking for a great deal on a Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger kits? Contact us at 636-352-2045, or by email. Be sure to ask about our winter special.

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